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Our tVNS® health solutions have empowered thousands to experience a renewed quality of life. If you’d like to purchase a device, you can choose from multiple purchasing options tailored to your location.

For Patients in Europe

Patients located in the EU, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Norway can purchase tVNS® directly through our online shop.

Specialized Support in Select Countries

If you’re located in Poland, Turkey or Italy, we have local distributors ready to assist you. Benefit from personalized support, local insights, and direct guidance by opting to purchase through them.

For Patients in All Other Countries

If you’re located in a country not mentioned above, please get in touch with our dedicated sales team. They will guide you through the purchasing process and answer any queries.

For Researchers and Physicians

To learn more about our tVNS® Research Device or to receive specialized support for healthcare professionals, please contact one of our tVNS® Experts below.

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Contact the tVNS® Team to learn more about tVNS® and receive personalized information and support, and begin your journey towards better health with tVNS®.

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