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Since 2003, we have embarked on a path of innovation and medical breakthroughs, driven by a vision to transform the management of neurological illnesses.

Since developing the first non-invasive auricular vagus nerve stimulator, Cerbomed Nemos®, we now offer the most advanced tVNS® devices on the market, setting new standards in treatment efficacy, patient care and research.

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A Legacy of Innovation

From our foundation in 2003 in Erlangen, Germany, our mission has been clear: to pioneer innovative treatments that redefine the treatment of neurological conditions.

The development of the Cerbomed Nemos® marked our first major leap into uncharted territories of medical technology, establishing us as pioneers in the field of non-invasive auricular vagus nerve stimulation and enabling thousands of Epilepsy patients to regain their quality of life and reduce seizures without medication or surgery.

In a market where ambitious claims often outpace results, we developed a device that genuinely improves patient outcomes, supported by a foundation of sound clinical evidence and proven effectiveness.

Engineering our tVNS® devices devices with efficacy at their core, we committed to an extensive research and development process, ensuring that every aspect of our technology was optimized for patient impact, addressing the complexities of neurological conditions with precision and reliability. 

This paved the way for a landmark achievement: our new tVNS® E device became the first and only non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation stimulation device to be certified as a Class IIa medical device under the stringent criteria of the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR), underscoring our device’s efficacy and safety.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team combines deep industry expertise with a passion for transforming healthcare. With backgrounds spanning medical research, technology development, and strategic management, they drive our mission to deliver innovative solutions that improve lives.

Dipl-Ing. (FH) Tobias Jeglorz

Tobias Jeglorz brings over two decades of expertise in medical technology, engineering, and leadership. As CEO, his philosophy centers on fostering innovation through meticulous technical design and strategic vision. Tobias believes in creating medical solutions that not only push the boundaries of technology but also deeply resonate with and improve patient lives. His leadership style is a testament to the belief that true innovation arises from the intersection of advanced technology and genuine empathy for patient needs.

Prof. Dr. Armin Bolz

Prof. Dr. Armin Bolz, an entrepreneur and former professor at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, has made significant contributions to the MedTech industry by successfully founding multiple large businesses that have developed novel solutions in defibrillation, pacemakers and neuromodulation. He channels his vast experience towards creating technologies with a direct impact on patient care. Driven by a vision to make meaningful differences in healthcare, his work with tVNS Technologies GmbH embodies his commitment to utilizing medical technology as a force for good, improving patient outcomes and enhancing the quality of life.

Jörg Trinkwalter
Head of Sales

Jörg Trinkwalter brings a wealth of experience and a broad network to tVNS Technologies as the head of business development. With a distinguished background as the former CEO and Co-Founder of Medical Valley, an influential MedTech cluster in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region, he has a proven track record of fostering innovation and collaboration across startups, research institutions, and physicians. Prior to joining tVNS Technologies, Jörg played a pivotal role on the Management Team of Procarement, a MedTech startup specializing in cardiology. His philosophy at tVNS Technologies revolves around leveraging his extensive network and experience to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and practical, impactful healthcare solutions, driving forward the mission to enhance patient care through technology.

Why Choose tVNS®?

With its non-invasive approach, patient-friendly treatments, and minimal side effects, tVNS® offers a new horizon of hope and relief for those living with neurological conditions. Embrace a future where each day holds the promise of greater comfort and enhanced quality of life.

Certified Medical Device

tVNS® is the world's only non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation approved as a Class IIa medical device under the EU-MDR, offering a scientifically validated treatment for conditions related to sympathovagal imbalance.

Non-Invasive Approach

A safe and gentle alternative to surgery and medication, tVNS® stimulates the vagus nerve through the skin, offering a harmonious path to wellbeing with very low side-effects.

Control at Your Fingertips

Use our innovative tVNS® device anywhere and monitor your treatment through our user-friendly app. You have the freedom to tailor your therapy to your lifestyle.

Most Effective Stimulation Site

tVNS® is the only non-invasive stimulation device that stimulates the cymba concha, resulting in 100% vagus nerve innervation (as opposed to e.g. the tragus, which only results in 45% innervation).

Voices of Healing: Real Stories from tVNS® Patients​

"The weight of depression had become an all-too-familiar companion. While the journey continues, tVNS® has offered a supportive hand, complementing my therapies and blessing me with brighter days.”
Priya N.
tVNS® Patient from London, United Kingdom
"Epilepsy had me always bracing for the next episode. Since integrating tVNS®, there's been a marked change in the regularity of my seizures. It's more than relief; it's empowerment."
Martin G.
tVNS® Patient from Leicester, United Kingdom
"tVNS® has been a life-changer in managing my Parkinson's symptoms. I've noticed a significant reduction in my tremors and an improvement in my motor functions, allowing me to enjoy activities I thought were lost to me."
Peter F.
tVNS® Patient from Amsterdam, Netherlands
Since my 6-year-old started tVNS® treatment for autism, we've seen remarkable improvements. He's more focused, less agitated, and engages more during family time. It's been a blessing.
Maria B.
tVNS® Patient from Antwerpen, Belgium
"Living with IBD, I often faced debilitating pain and discomfort. With regular tVNS® treatment, my symptoms have significantly subsided, allowing me to enjoy activities I love again."
Michael D.
tVNS® Patient from Nice, France
"It's wonderful that with tVNS® I have found a treatment option for my Epilepsy that makes me feel better without needing surgery and worrying about side-effects."
Katja S.
tVNS® Patient from Munich, Germany

tVNS® in The Media

Our innovation projects are supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Development and evaluation of a system for transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation for depression in children and adolescents (tVNS-KJP)
Project Partner: Prof. Julian König, University Hospital Cologne

Needs-based vagus nerve stimulation for rehabilitation after stroke (BeVaReS)
Project Partner:
Prof. Dr. Alireza Gharabagi, University Hospital Tübingen

Take the next step with tVNS® - for a life without limitations.

Every day presents an opportunity. Yet, for those navigating the challenges of medical conditions, some days can feel overshadowed by discomfort or uncertainty. With tVNS®, we aim to bring a brighter shade to every day. By harnessing the power of neurostimulation, our tVNS® device aims to pave the way for more pain-free days, empowering patients to lead self-determined lives. It’s not merely about symptom relief, it’s about reclaiming the essence of each day, savoring moments with loved ones, and pursuing passions without being held back by your condition.

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